Hello from Kialo Edu!

Today we are proud to be launching Kialo Edu, a custom version of kialo.com designed exclusively for educators!

We think Kialo will be a perfect fit for classrooms around the world. Our argument-mapping format helps to teach critical thinking by requiring students to generate logical claims that support or weaken a core thesis, all while engaging with their peers’ opinions. Over on kialo.com, we have already developed a huge community of people who can tackle the most sensitive issues in the world with respect and rationality. We know that educators care deeply about teaching these skills to their students, and we care, too.

That’s why we have decided to build a dedicated version of Kialo just for all you teachers. On Kialo Edu, all discussions are private. We abide by the very highest data protection standards, so you can encourage your students to develop their critical thinking in a safe, secure space. We plan to add a lot of features to make Kialo Edu an even better fit for students of all ages. Plus, we are totally free and always will be. 

So watch this space for the further development of one of the largest online critical thinking resources—now purposely designed for educational use. Bring your students along and get discussing at www.kialo-edu.com!

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