Secure and foolproof invites with the contact list!

At Kialo Edu, we do everything we can for students’ privacy and teachers’ convenience. So, we’re delighted to be taking our latest step in both directions: the contact list!

The contact list will be automatically activated on every Kialo Edu account. Going forward, a user must be on your contact list before you can invite them to a discussion or to a Team with their username or display name. Students can only be added to a contact list through restricted routes (such as email addresses or Team Invite Links), making their accounts more secure and your invites foolproof.

In short, the contact list makes connecting with the right users easier and safer.

Hey, can I add you to my contacts?

A contact list will be automatically generated for every existing account based on their past interactions. If you’ve ever done any of the below with your students, they’ll already be on your list!

There are three ways to add someone to your contact list:

  1. Invite a user to a discussion using the email address associated with their Kialo Edu account. Both you and the user will be added to each other’s contact list.
  2. All members of a Team will be added to each other’s contact list. Add users to a Team through an email invite, a Team Invite Link, or a QR code.
  3. All members of a collection of Managed Accounts will be added to each other’s contact list.

Once someone is added to your contact list, then you can use their display name or username to invite them to a discussion or to a Team. Same convenience, more security.

Finally, users are never removed from your contact list unless the account is suspended or deleted—so don’t worry about your students giving you the slip!

Further information

You can learn more about the contact list in our Help Center!

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