Release Notes #998

New Features and Functionalities

  • A new major feature has been released for Kialo Edu, Grading! With the Grading feature, educators can now provide grades and feedback to individual claims, as well as the discussion as a whole. This individual claim grade can then be calculated to an overall grade automatically or the educator can provide an overall grade for the discussion manually, in addition to overall feedback. An overview of all students can be found in the new grading sidebar for educators, as well as a more detailed view that includes number of tasks completed, the number of claims graded, the average grade for the claims and a list of all of the claims the student has written or linked. Students will be able to use the new grading sidebar to see their overall grade and feedback, in addition to the grades and feedback on individual claims.
  • The amount of automatic scrolling in discussions has also been reduced so that users have a less jarring experience when opening and closing some page elements.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • A minor aesthetic issue has been fixed with longer names on the team page having additional team pages options cut off.