Kialo Edu comes to Moodle with a new plugin!

Are you one of the millions of educators using Moodle? If so, we’ve got great news: the free Kialo Discussion plugin is now available!

This means that Kialo discussions can now be integrated in Moodle courses and that Moodle users can take part in them seamlessly, without having to create accounts on Kialo. Just ask your Moodle admins to install the Kialo plugin, and you’ll have one less set of login details to worry about.

Installing Kialo in Moodle

Setting up Kialo in Moodle could hardly be simpler. Start by selecting “Download” from Kialo’s Moodle plugin page, follow the instructions from Moodle, and then accept the terms of service. Done.

Now, whenever you add an activity or resource to a course, you can select “Kialo Discussion” to add — you guessed it — a Kialo discussion!

Same Kialo, new platform

Once you have added a Kialo discussion activity to your Moodle course, you will need to select or create the discussion that students will take part in. Start by clicking “Select Discussion.” In the tab that opens, you can create a new discussion by pressing “+New” or choose one of your existing ones.

Once you’ve set up your discussion, students can join it by clicking on the Kialo Discussion activity in their course overview and start discussing right away! 

Further information

For more on our Moodle plugin, as well as more information on all aspects of Kialo Edu, visit our Help Center.

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