Kialo’s comprehensive release history.

Release Notes #653

  • Embedded Kialos, when viewed on mobile devices, will now display a navigation bar at the bottom.

Release Notes #652

  • Users will now see a notification toast when discussion and team invite emails to existing Kialo users cannot be delivered.
  • Immediate email notifications will not be sent to users anymore, when they are online and viewing the discussion.
  • The Claim editor will now always be focused when adding a new claim.
  • Sometimes the mention picker displayed individual accounts more than once, this has been fixed.
  • Clicking outside of the details drawer of a claim would collapse the drawer and scroll to the top of the discussion, this has been fixed.

Release Notes #649

  • A banner introducing our two Kialo sites will be shown once.
  • Searching the invited users list has been redesigned.
  • Email address verification when using Oauth logins has been improved.
  • Some minor issues with links to the Activity sidebar have been fixed.

Release Notes #646

  • The permissions that Discussion Access Links grant, can now be specified.

Release Notes #645

  • Users will now see a notification toast when discussion and team invite emails cannot be delivered.
  • The term “edu” has been added to Kialo Edu’s topbar, so that the two sites, Kialo and Kialo Edu, can be more easily distinguished.

Release Notes #643

  • An issue with sending invitation emails has been fixed.

Release Notes #642

  • Contributors that have not been explicitly invited to a discussion can now be mentioned in comments and chat.
  • Discussion and team email invites that could not be delivered will now have a warning indicator and explanatory message.

Release Notes #640

  • Discussion invites for teams will now have warning indicators, if any invite emails could not be delivered.

Release Notes #638

  • Discussion and team invites sent via email will now have a warning indicator if they could not be delivered.
  • The Activity Sidebar can now also display claims a user has and has not voted on.

Release Notes #636

  • A message has been added to the terms of service and privacy policy explaining that these are being updated.

Release Notes #635

  • The Top Contributor list now contains a column with the amount of claims users voted on in a discussion.

Release Notes #634

  • Users visiting Kialo with an outdated browser will be shown a warning toast.

Release Notes #633

  • Users can now change their usernames once on Kialo Edu.
  • Activities in private discussion will no longer be shown in user profile timelines.

Release Notes #630

  • The search input will now stick to the top of the Search Sidebar while scrolling.
  • Team names no longer have to be unique.

Release Notes #629

  • Kialo will now detect blocked websocket connections and will provide a helpful error message.
  • Teacher Feedback length has been increased to 3000 characters on Kialo Edu.

Release Notes #628

  • Two-factor authentication has been added to all Kialo sites.
  • The comment and chat text input field lost focus when mentioning somebody using the mention picker, this has been fixed.

Release Notes #627

  • The Team Allocation Link functionality has been released for Kialo Edu. Team Allocation Links are the easiest method to allocate students to multiple evenly-sized teams and are particularly useful when setting up Kialo for large groups of students.
  • An issue causing the perspective selector to become unresponsive has been fixed.
  • An issue where linked claims wouldn’t load after their source claim was deleted has been fixed.

Release Notes #625

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #624

  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.
  • A couple of usability improvements have been released.

Release Notes #622

  • The minimap design in discussions has been improved.
  • Very small tablets now use the mobile phone layout.