Kialo’s comprehensive release history.

Release Notes #502

  • The Top Contributors (suggestions, claims and comments written, edited, moved) of public discussions in the last seven days are now listed on the Explore page.

Release Notes #499

  • Claim selection (=navigation) in debates with more than 1000 claims has been optimized and is now 5x quicker.
  • Improved minimap and ‘new claim seen’ animations.
  • Moved the Release Notes to

Release Notes #497

  • When using Chrome on mobile devices, the chat input field would sometimes be bigger than intended. This has been fixed.
  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.

Release Notes #496

  • The “Mark for Review” claim tab has been redesigned.
  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.

Release Notes #495

  • “Hide Parent” in the Claim Menu has been removed.
  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.

Release Notes #494

  • Users who were not logged in to Kialo and clicked the link in team invite emails were not able to join the teams correctly. This has been fixed.

Release Notes #493

  • Team Admins will now be able to downgrade their team’s permissions or remove their team from a debate. Previously, this could only be done by users with Admin rights in the debate.

Release Notes #492

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #491

  • A minor issue related to inter-discussion linking of multi-thesis discussions has been fixed.
  • ‘Marked for review’ links to discussions are now listed correctly when searching for “marked:true”.
  • Private discussions and teams that you have already joined can now be accessed via invite links even if “Allow others to invite me to discussions and teams using my email or invite links” has been disabled in user settings.
  • The discussion info icon has been moved from the thesis to the top left of the discussion and has been given some color to make it easier to discover.

Release Notes #490

  • Some keyboard shortcuts were changed:
    • When using a mouse or touchpad, ‘Enter’ means save/submit (e.g. submit comment) and ‘Ctrl/Cmd/Shift + Enter’ means new line (e.g. for paragraphs in comments).
    • When touching a touchscreen, this is reversed and ‘Enter’ means new line, while ‘Ctrl/Cmd/Shift + Enter’ means save/submit.
    • Having a touchscreen will not influence this, e.g. laptops with touchscreens. Only when using the touchscreen will this switch and using the mouse or touchpad will switch it back.
  • Deleted ‘marked for review’ claims now appear in the ‘My marked claims’ sidebar when “Show deleted” is activated.

Release Notes #488

  • Unseen claims will now also result in the “more claims underneath” (the visualisation which makes it appear that a claim is a stack of cards) indicator being marked blue. Previously these were only tinted blue if there were new claims, changes to claims or new comments on claims underneath.
  • Minor language changes have been made to improve user experience.

Release Notes #487

  • The New Claim Indicator (the blue dot) was not always reliably removed when using Firefox. This has now been fixed.
  • An accepted suggested claim or comment will no longer be counted towards the daily suggestion limit.
  • The animation for clicking on a child claim has been sped up by 20%.

Release Notes #486

Release Notes #485

  • Notifications for claims which have been marked for review on the My Kialo page will now disappear once the claim is viewed. Previously, the notifications persisted until the mark for review was resolved. Marked claims will still be listed in the marked for review list in a Kialo discussion itself. My Kialo notifications for marked claims that users have already seen have been removed.

Release Notes #484

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #483

  • The indicator that a claim has been edited (the blue pencil icon on the top right corner of claims) will now also appear on deleted claims.
  • Clicking on a claim during the blue “claim has been seen” animation was previously ignored. This has been fixed.

Release Notes #482

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #481

  • Debate admins will now be able to see who hid a suggested claim in its Comments & History tab. This entry disappears when a new comment is made on the respective suggested claim, it is moved, or someone clicks the ‘Unhide’ button. (Note: Hiding a suggestion which has been responded to is recommended for debate admins to keep track of which suggestions have not yet been responded to.)

Release Notes #480

  • Explore page navigation has been improved. When users click on a tag in the New tab of the Explore page, they will be directed to the New tab of that respective tag. Previously users were directed to the Popular tab of that tag.

Release Notes #479

  • The tag overview page has been deployed. It can be accessed by clicking “See More” next to the tags on the Kialo Explore page.
  • The Explore page now has a card which displays statistics for all public Kialo debates.
  • An issue causing a small number of debates to lag when opened in Firefox has been resolved.